Our History

For 40 years, FAS Converting Machinery has enjoyed a rich history of growth, commercial success and technical achievement.

The letters ‘FAS’ stands for Flyghagen, Andersson and Stenqvist, the three founders of the company.

As one of the early pioneers of in-line bag making, FAS invented and refined bag machines, winders and other film converting equipment targeted towards the production of trash bags on roll applications.

As line speeds increased, raw materials changed, and bag features were added; FAS kept pace with the development launching new bag machines, draw tape equipment, coreless winders, industrial winders, rotary cutters and folders. The company grew and prospered outgrowing its facilities and moving several times.

During the 1980’s, Peco Inc was founded in New Jersey USA and become a strategic partner with FAS, serving the North American market. Peco built equipment in the USA under license to FAS.

In 1999 FAS acquired Peco and made it a wholly owned subsidiary. Since that time the two companies have become closely integrated. Production was consolidated in Sweden while parts, technical service and sales support remained in the USA under the Peco Inc name.
Over the years our company and equipment have been identified by a range of names and images including FAS, Peco, Peco FAS, FAS Peco, at times confusing our customers and suppliers.

Today FAS Converting have a broad product range covering all from industrial winders, with or without perforator for pallet covers, agricultural film, sheeting’s to food and freezer and garbage bags, wave top and draw-tape.

We install and support our systems globally with our major markets being Europe and North America. Our head office is located in Arlöv, Sweden and our North and Latin America office is located in Fairfield, New Jersey, USA.