Questions & Answers

Here is a selection of questions that have been put to us. If you like to ask your own question, then do so here (ext link).

Our machines are flexible. They can, in the same perforation and sealing unit, convert from LL, LD, MD, HD and various blends with recycled material, up to 100% recycled material.

Yes. By adding a draw-tape module and a double V-folder to a standard line, we can produce draw-tape bags.

It is what we call a production where the machines are connected and follow directly the extrusion. The benefit is that you can use a less sophisticated extruder as the warm film is easier to seal and fold.

Yes, FAS machines run both in- and off-line.

All FAS units are servo driven which enable us to change bag length by setting new parameters into the operating panel. The bag length will change in the next cycle.

We have machines from 900-1500mm width but the smallest we can produce must be down to 80-100mm. We then use a custom-made sealing bar to adjust the sealing width in the machine. Also, the perforation can be variable in a 900mm unit down to 300mm as a minimum.

Generally, we are able to perforate and seal from 10 microns up to 100 microns single layer, but this depends on the material to be produced.

We rarely receive FAS machines for trade-in. Instead, old clients and producers send us 15-20-year-old units for overhaul, where we mount a new servo retrofit and mechanical parts in the original frame. We believe this is a good sign of quality.