Since 2016 GAIA BioMaterials supplying aprons to Swedish Health Authority.

FAS equipment for apron production at GAIA BioMaterials

In 2016 FAS installed a line for production of disposable protection aprons at GAIA in Helsingborg.

GAIA supplies healthcare sector in Sweden and Norway with aprons made of their Biodolmer® material which is also suitable for a wide variety of applications. Read more about Gaia here

The line consists of a FAS FC500A cutter with a standard SP500 winder and can be used directly in-line with an extruder up to 60m/min. The FC500A is specifically designed for making Aprons, and is built on a robust and well proven technology that enables 24/7 production.

The demand for sustainable and local production of disposable protection aprons is increasing and we are ready to meet that demand.

If you have any question please reach out to Joakim Sjödin via mail or mobile +46 720 908 930


Can it be used for aprons with sleeves?
– No, not on this equipment.

Can we rebuild our existing FC500 to a FC500A?
– Realistically not, it is more cost efficient to buy a new one

When can I get one?
– We build to order and delivery time varies, please contact us.

Can I run off-line?
– Yes, together with an unwinder it is possible.

What type of material?
– Virgin, recycled or biomaterial is fine. It has to be single layer that is v-folded or a tube that is opened on side before entering the cutter.

Do we need a sealing unit?
– No, the FC500A will do the cut-out and perforation. Nothing else is needed.

Technical data

Web width max
500 mm

Cutting width, web max
450 mm

Bag length min
650 mm*

Machine speed
20-60 m/min*

Cycles/ max

Installed power
2,2 kW

Main power
3 phases, 380-420 VAC + N, 16A, 50Hz

Air supply, bar
6, 6 lt,/ cut-out

L x W x H
100 x 1650 x 1500 mm

820 kg