FAS Converting want to take the opportunity to recognize Rolf Gustafsson and Morten Severinsen for their long and faithful services.

Rolf Gustafsson, who turns 65 this year, has been at FAS Converting service department for 35 years. During his time he has been what we call “Mr Service”
– what Rolf does not know about our machines is probably not worth knowing at all.

Morten Severinsen has been with FAS Converting for 25 years, starting as a machine builder and working his way to service technician. Morten is known for his fast, accurate service and good relationship with customers.

Please take a minute to read more about them in the short interview below.

Rolf Gustafsson

What is the primary reason for you staying at FAS Converting for so long?
There are several reasons. When I started at FAS Converting, I already knew many working there that had the same interests as I had; driving motorcycle and model air plane flying. The other reasons are my genuine interests for mechanics and challenges.
Mechanics and challenges abound when you work at FAS Converting. Starting up machines and training operators and maintenance staff always feels like a new challenge. Imagine you standing in front of a customer with great expectations on your expertise, feeling the great responsibility on your shoulder – it is a real adrenaline rush every time you go for a start-up or a service-trip and help the customers solve their problems and/or making their production even more effective.

You have become a bit of an “inventory” after 35 years, and you have traveled a lot and you have a fantastic knowledge of FAS Converting and its customers. How do you perceive your job now in comparison with 20 years ago?
I have definitely become like an inventory, my employment number 5022 is my article number. 35 years in the same workplace is not completely common. Maybe it is a bit lazy because changing jobs is probably hard work. :-) Yes, I have traveled a lot, I have been in close to 50 countries or at least been at their airports, hotels and factories. The best place I’ve been to is without a doubt Tahiti. You know the postcards with clear blue water, bast huts and palm trees leaning over the water, that is Tahiti …….
And yes, I have had the opportunity to get to know many of FAS Converting’s customers. Visiting customers gives you a completely different connection and relationship.
When you have met in person it makes the communication much easier.

Also, a big difference between modern machines and the machines we sold 15-20 years ago is the ability to connect and solve automation issues and do updates remotely. Mechanically, a lot of things have been refined over the years, but the basic principle of welding without voltage remains.

What do you do when you are not working? Do you have a hobby?
I have my family; my partner since 43 years back, two sons and a granddaughter, a girl of 5 years. We live in a house with a big garden that needs to be taken care of, and I have a workshop where I spend many hours. I still have my interest in motorcycling, and in June we will drive to Normandy in France.
I have flown radio-controlled model aircraft since the early eighties. However, I have put the model aircraft on the shelf for a few years and switched to more ground-based radio-controlled trucks and construction machinery.

What will your days look like when you eventually retire?
I have heard that retirees say that time is not enough. I think you slow down the pace, read the newspaper a little more carefully and enjoy your coffee a little longer.
There will always be something to do at home. At the moment I am building a pizza oven for the outdoor kitchen. I have also started cycling, it is important to keep going. Hopefully it will be a few miles on the bike a few times a week (and no, no electric bike here!)
And I’m probably going to some international gatherings with my radio-controlled models, have fun and meet like-minded people. It might be a pilsner too 😊

Morten Severinsen

What is the primary reason for you staying at FAS Converting for so long?
My job feels inspiring, and I feel that I continue to develop.

You as well have become a bit of an “inventory” after 25 years. You also have a fantastic knowledge of FAS Converting and its customers. How do you perceive your job now in comparison with 15 years ago?
I do not want to say that I need to keep “too many irons in the fire”. Both me and my job have changed during these 15 years. My role as a service technician is broader today.

Your interest in wrestling is a large part of your life. How did you start wrestling? 
Are you still involved in the sport today?
Wrestling is very close to my heart. I started wrestling probably because my father did it. And as a little boy it was a perfect activity to get rid of your energy. The sport has made me incredibly happy. Wrestling has given me so much over the years. Both on and off the mat.

Regarding my commitment to wrestling today, I watch competitions as often as I can. Both in Sweden and abroad. Web broadcasts by big championships makes it easier to follow the competitions. And I like that.

Morten in action.

And finally, what do you do when you have a long time off?
I live in a house, so there is always something to do. My two children take part of my time and I always find fishing relaxing. And occasional trips are always fun :-)

If you have any question please reach out to Joakim Sjödin, Sales Manager via mail or mobile +46 720 908 930