Our Environmental Policy

FAS Converting develops, manufactures and markets machinery, systems and accessories for the cost-effective converting of plastic film into bags on a roll. Our business is defined by an explicit commitment to the environment and a drive to minimize environmental impacts.

Long term sustainable solutions contributing to a cleaner healthier environment

Our machines are designed primarily for the production of bin liners and trash bags, preferably using recycled polyethylene. By continuously improving our machines and our production lines, we are able to contribute to the positive, long-term environmental improvement of our society, and our planet. We will work to ensure that waste and residual products are minimised through:
– Reduction (thinner gauged films)
– Re-use (developing multiple uses for bags and liners)
– Recycling (increasing recycled content in the production of bags and liners)

The use of recycled polyethylene in the end product – bin liners and trash bags – also reduces our carbon footprint. In addition, we are working to reduce the energy consumption of our equipment.

Our environmental work focuses on reducing the use of resources, which in turn decreases emissions to air, land and water. We achieve this by:
– informing ourselves about and complying with applicable legislation
– promoting and developing our environmental approach both internally and externally
– annually assessing, following up and setting new targets for key environmental factors