Service resources in North America, Greener planet and upcomming K2019

K-19 exhibition Düsseldorf October 16-23 2019

Will you be visiting the K show in Düsseldorf this October?
If you do please be sure to schedule a visit to the FAS Converting Machinery booth in Hall 3 booth D20.

At this show, we will be spotlighting two bag-making lines targeted at a wide range of production needs and budgets.

Euroline 2.0
Many of you have seen our very popular Euroline demonstrated at shows and exhibitions in various markets. At the k-19 fair, we are proud to introduce our new and improved Euroline 2.0.

This line will be making trash bags on coreless rolls out of 100% recycled film. At a rate of 100m/min or 9 rolls per minute.

  • New features of the Euroline 2.0 include:
  • New Omron control platform with internet connectivity
  • Newly designed unwind stand with pneumatic roll loading and end of roll signaling
  • New and improved Banderoll™ tape unit for roll closures
  • Print registration is now available
  • Core capability is now available

Premium line
We will also be running one of our Premium Lines which includes our

  • Jumbo unwind
  • QB1100 bag machine
  • Tw475 turret winder

Totally new design Banderoll™ system for roll taping at up to 25 roll per minute

This line will also be processing 100% recycled film. Stop in and find out about this film and what is in it and how FAS is uniquely positioned to help you convert these films effectively and profitably.

While you will see both of these lines running off-line, they can be run in line with your blown film extrusion systems as well.

Therefore, whether your budget guides you towards an industry leading state of the art solution, or our reliable “Tried and true” Euroline, we have the equipment for you and the experience and resources necessary to get these assets contributing to your company’s profitability quickly.

Visit with us at the show:

  • Discuss your film converting challenges with our technical experts
  • Talk to our sales and marketing team about the markets

If you cannot make it to the K show be sure to contact your FAS sales professional and arrange a plant visit, or bring your film to our Innovation Center in Sweden and see for your selves the clear advantages of our sealing, perforating, folding and winding technologies.

FAS wants to become your partner to help make our planet Greener

We all are too well aware of the negative publicity that our industry has been receiving lately.

Many are quick to say, “Someone should do something” “THEY should defend our industry” etc.

Here at FAS we do not want to simply defend old habits and past practices but we want join forces with you our customers, our fellow suppliers, our vendors and industry experts to become part of the solution. Lets work together to leave the planet better off than we found it.

  • Talk to us about how you can efficiently and profitably convert recycled films into trash bags and other useful products. We have proprietary sealing technology that makes us uniquely positioned to help you with this technical challenge.
  • Learn how trash bags themselves are a key part of cleaning up our environment.
  • Let us show you how to reduce the amount of packaging you need for your finished products by up to 85%.
  • We would like to tell you about our efforts, through alliances in our industry and beyond, to help clean up plastics waste in the oceans and elsewhere.
  • We also want to hear your ideas

Start a conversation today, we are listening, and looking for new ways to help you provide a greener product, and contribute to a cleaner environment for all.

Do you have any questions about our newsletter, please feel free to contact Joakim Sjödin, Sales Manager, by phone on +46 72 090 89 30 or email here.

FAS adds service resources in North America

FAS is pleased to announce the return of Joachim Baier to our technical service team.
Known as “Peco Joe” to many of you, Mr. Baier has over 30 years of experience in the design, assembly, installation and troubleshooting of Film Converting Machinery.
Joe is our Technical Account Manager in North America and will assist with:

  • Installations
  • Training
  • New product optimization
  • Preventative maintenance guidance, updates, repairs and modification of existing equipment
  • Machine sales support

You can reach Joe on +1(435) 225 3537 and