Sustainable solutions.
Cleaner and healthier environment.

In the “Green Room” we publish articles, ideas and news according to the environment, sustainability, circular economy etc. If you have something you want to add, do not hesitate to contact us and we will discuss how we together can help achieve a greener planet.

We like to contribute to reach the global goals for sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

There are two ways we do this:

  • Maintaining and developing our Product portfolio to become longer lasting and more energy efficient. We also work hard on making our equipment even better at converting recycled PE into high quality bags and liners.
  • Reducing the CO2 footprint of our office and workshop by using clean electricity, recycling production waste and promoting use of EV by our employees.
Circular and Linear Economy

Reuse is part of the circular economy that we strive for. In the first steps, within a circular cycle of material, the product should be maintained and repaired, re-used e.g. by “second hand of our own parts and products”, then renovated to then finally go to recycling. These steps extend the service life on items. This decreases the need for new, which lessens the use of raw materials.

A circular economy is fundamentally different from a linear economy. To put it simply, in a linear economy we mine raw materials, which we process into a product that is thrown away after use. In a circular economy, we close the cycles of all these raw materials.

Make our planet Greener

We all are well aware of the negative publicity that our industry has been receiving lately.

FAS Converting does not want to defend old habits and past practices but join forces with you, our customers, our fellow suppliers, our vendors and industry experts to become part of the solution. Let’s work together to leave the planet better off than we found it.

Talk to us about how you can efficiently and profitably convert recycled films into trash bags and other useful products. We have proprietary sealing technology that makes us uniquely positioned to help you meet these challenges.

  • Learn how trash bags themselves are a key part of cleaning up our environment.
  • Let us show you how to reduce the amount of packaging you need for your finished products by up to 85%.

Call us, we are listening, and looking for new ways to help you provide a greener product, and contribute to a cleaner environment for all.